Top 5 Tips to Learn a New Instrument

Everyone wishes they could play an instrument. After all, practically everyone loves music of some kind…

… and you can’t make music without knowing how to play an instrument!

The only exception I can think of here is electronic music, but even making a simple dance track on your laptop requires a bit of musical know-how. A laptop or PC (Ok… Ok… Mac too.) is basically a platform for virtual instruments, after all.

So if so many people dream of having the skills to learn and play an instrument….

… and so many people love music…

…why do most of the people who start an instrument simply… 

Give up?!

People blame their failure to learn an instrument on a number of things:

  • I don’t have the time to learn.
  • I’m not naturally talented.
  • It costs too much money for lessons.
  • Blah blah blah.

The truth is one of three things:

  1. These people are LAZY.
  2. These people don’t have PATIENCE.
  3. These people don’t know HOW TO LEARN EFFICIENTLY.


So below are my Top 5 Tips to Learn a New Instrument

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About Me.

With this being my first post on this new blog; it’s only polite that I introduce myself before diving into the more focused Cajon posts. Bare with me and I will get to that in later posts!

Ok, so I’m Craig, at the time of writing I am a twenty-three year old student. I am currently at the University of Liverpool studying English (a mixture of Language and Literature).

I’ve been drumming since around 2003, though never took any ‘grades’ or anything formal like that; just a couple of years worth of lessons before I set out on my own rhythmic path – Yes I know that: ‘rhythmic path’ sounds a bit cheesy – But thats just me sometimes.

I’ve been in a fair few bands through the years – none of which have had major success, which is the case with most amateur bands nowadays! I prefer to play original music (rather than covers, which can be soul destroying when done for hours in a band situation) and have a wide range of influences.

Before someone says it:

I know that answering the question:

‘So, what music are you into?’

With the answer:

‘Oh, anything really!’

Is a bit of a cop out, but in my case, I swear its true – I’ll give anything a chance.

Anyway, back onto the topic of bands… I’ve really enjoyed being part of a band, the whole teamwork thing really appeals to me, but as a drummer, being part of a mellow acoustic act has always been out of my reach. It is usually more practical to just not have a drummer at all for an acoustic or chilled out group.

This is where the Cajon comes in. It will hopefully allow me to get more involved with a new genre of music.

I have asked my parents for a Cajon for Christmas, which they have thankfully allowed me to choose myself. This blog will track my progress of learning to play my new instrument. I will be posting:

  • Tuning techniques
  • Practise routines
  • Progress updates
  • Interesting articles
  • Inspiring Cajon-based videos
  • Beats to practise
  • Theory
  • Cajon history
  • Guest posts from Cajon experts and fellow students
  • And much more!

Since I will be getting this Cajon on Christmas day, expect my posts to roll in fairly regularly from then on.

Hopefully some other students can share their journey with me and learn to play together. Is anyone else getting a Cajon for Christmas? Get involved in the comments! (Not that I’ll be getting any traffic at this stage, ha ha!)

To whet your appetite, below is a photograph of my new Cajon from the page.

Here is a link to the Cajon, copy and paste into your browser!:




Oh… If the world happens to end before I post again, I will leave you with a quote from the character Desmond from the show Lost:

See you in another life, brother.